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AIR OPTIX® for astigmatism

Alcon & Ciba Vision naocare

PROIZVO─ÉA─î Alcon & Ciba Vision

Cena: 4240 RSD


  • Initial choice of power and axis should be closest to the spectacle prescription, allowing for vertex adjustment
  • After insertion, AIR OPTIX® for ASTIGMATISM should settle in 30 seconds1
  • Assess fit, orientation and comfort
  • Over-refract to determine the final sphere, cylinder and axis to give optimum visual acuity
  • Use the L.A.R.S. formula (Left Add Right Subtract) to compensate for any lens rotation

Follow-up procedure – daily wear Patients may return after 1 month of lens wear, based on fitter preference for daily wear, to reassess lens fit and performance.

Follow-up procedure – overnight wear Patients may return after 1 night’s wear, based on fitter preference, for flexible wear after successfully completing daily wear adaption period.

Rok isporuke 30-45 dana.


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  • Pakovanje: 3 so─Źiva u kutiji
  • Materijal: Lotrafilcon B
  • Sadr┼żaj vode: 33%
  • Dijametar: 14.50